FTP (File Transfer Protocol), is the most popular means for uploading files to a web hosting account. With an FTP program that’s installed on your desktop computer or laptop, you can set up a connection to your web hosting server and copy all of the web files that you want with a few clicks of the mouse. You can do this using an easy-to-work-with interface and it is as simple as dragging and dropping the abovementioned files. The advantage of using File Transfer Protocol is that you can create different accounts, each with a different level of access to your online storage space, so if you wish to provide a third party with access, for example – a web designer, they will be able to connect only to a particular directory and won’t be able to view the remaining web content or any other information, such as personal details. Three prerequisites are necessary in order to be able to make an FTP connection – a hostname, which is usually a domain name or an IP address, a username and a password.

FTP Accounts in Hosting

Setting up and administering multiple FTP accounts will be quite easy with any of our hosting. This service is not limited, so with our simple-to-work-with Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you will be able to set up as many FTP accounts as you need to, in order to administer your sites and to get your web-related tasks accomplished. If you hire a web designer and they are done with the website, for example, you can edit the FTP password or delete the whole FTP account with just a click from the Control Panel. For the sake of convenience, you’ll be able to check a list of all the FTP accounts that you have set up and what folders they can access. Useful functions such as modifying the password or the access path and downloading an auto-configuration file for widespread FTP apps are also only a click away.

FTP Accounts in VPS Servers

None of the Linux VPS hosting plans that we are offering includes a limitation on the maximum number of FTP accounts that you can have at any moment, so you can create an account for any site hosted on your VPS server, no matter if it is under a domain or subdomain. Also, it does not matter which Control Panel you will choose when you order – DirectAdmin, cPanel or Hepsia, since an FTP server will be set up on the virtual machine at the time of the configuration of any of them. If you want several individuals to connect to one and the same directory using their very own log-in credentials, for example, it will take several mouse clicks to set up a separate FTP account for each of them. Deleting an active account or changing the directory that it can connect to is just as easy and you won’t experience any complication, even if you do not have any past experience in such matters.