Complete independence from the other customers

Linux VPS hosting plans offer the extent of power you are going to get on a dedicated web server for a lower price.

As a result of a special virtualization process, a Virtual Private Server includes a completely free website hosting setting. You will find yourself perfectly free from any additional customers found on the same physical machine and you won’t have any kind of excessive load problems or DDoS attacks. In addition, it will be easy to make use of all of the assets which are allocated to you and then to alter just about any web server options that you wish. By result of the root access you have, you’ll be able to put in any kind of software of your choosing and reboot the web server anytime.

Our skilled sys admins perform regular offsite backups of the server, so you can be sure that the content will be recovered in the event of random loss of data.

Full root server access privileges

We give you complete root access towards your Virtual Private Server, so that you can change virtually any options on the web hosting server or even reboot it anytime you need.

You are free to deploy virtually any app you want, which includes web apps that generally cannot be mounted within a standard web hosting account. What’s more, you’ll be able to set up your individual online gaming web server or video clip web site, or start your very own web hosting business.

When you need aid handling your server, you may make utilization of our Optional Admin Services package deal, which includes server rebooting and tracking procedures, weekly OS updates, software installation and problem solving procedures and much more.

OpenVZ VPS Servers

At Mojomexico VPS Server Linux, we offer you OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting Plans.

The OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting Plans, , the open–source SolusVM panel .

VPS solutions, , root , Operating Systems. backups .

Various data center facility choices

We work in collaboration with Data Center Facilities all around the world – in the USA, in the UK and also in Australia. And you’ll purchase your very own Virtual Private Server in each of these data centers.

Each data center belongs to the very best in its region and offers fantastic connectivity with the rest of the planet. Plus, we’ve built a powerful interior network depending on Juniper routers and switches so we provide you with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

The best of all this is that whatever data center you pick out, the costs and also the options that come with Mojomexico VPS Server Linux’s Linux VPS Hosting Plans are always the same.

You’ll have more hosting features than you pay for

As a result of an extraordinary virtualization process, the Linux VPS Hosting Plans do provide more than you’ve paid for.

Aside from the memory allowance that the Virtual Private Server is sold with, you’ll also have the option to make use of the RAM resources that remain available on the same machine at any moment. Because of this even if your VPS features 1018 MB of RAM memory, you will be able to use the free RAM resources offered on the master server.

Which means that, in contrast to the shared hosting platform in which the many other user account holders on a single server might cause excessive load, which can end in outages for your sites, on a VPS the rest of the users could just bring you advantage.