Weekly Data Backups

Living in a world where one missing comma or bracket inside your code will affect your website, getting an efficient backup is important. And if you manage a whole server, even though a virtual one, owning a full server backup that can be restored easily is invaluable. This is just what our company offers with our OpenVZ VPS servers - several full server backups every week, made fully automatically from us, without having any affect on the server efficiency and demanding any work from you. The backup service is provided with all of the OpenVZ VPS servers, irrespective of their rate or attributes. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

If you have and take care of various domains, it's hard to do so in a hassle-free manner. You must deal with a number of control panels, each one with a different login and user interface. However, this can be easily achievable using our OpenVZ VPS servers.Each of the OpenVZ VPS servers has an unlimited hosted domains quota. Which means that you can house all of your domains under one single roof. And not only that, you can manage them conveniently, together with your web sites, from our exceptional web hosting control panel, available without charge with every server. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

To be able to maintain a flourishing website, you will have to spend more time working on your web site and business and much less time attempting to do anything in the control panel. For this reason, we have developed a unique control panel, that's designed to help you accomplish any target with minimal effort. To help with making things simple for you, it's easy to effortlessly manage your domain names and sites from one location. In addition, you can easily upload files from your Internet browser using a secure connection. In addition, you can reap the benefits of our web accelerator tools provided without cost and made exclusively to rapidly enhance the overall performance of your websites and web apps.Since we are the developers of the control panel, we designed it to operate flawlessly with our hardware and software solutions. In this way, every task you will do can be accomplished much faster when compared with almost every other control panel available. Free Control Panel

Free Bonuses

Each of our OpenVZ VPS servers has an assortment of completely free bonuses. You will get a zero cost dedicated IP address, which can help you make your website easily distinguishable, by adding a much needed layer of uniqueness and that is necessary should you want to deploy an SSL certificate for your site. If you are searching to quickly start a business enterprise, you should check out our totally free reseller hosting tools - a domain reseller account along with billing software. Having a combined value of over $300.00 USD, they will help you to swiftly start your hosting business completely from scratch.And don’t forget, all the control panel solutions we provide with our OpenVZ VPS servers incorporate their unique collection of complimentary bonuses, unique for each CP. Free Bonuses

Data Center Choices

The positioning of your data center could have a huge effect on the way your web site functions and also on the browsing experience of your site visitors. This is exactly why, selecting a modern data center is indeed crucial. At Mojomexico Host ComercioWeb, you can find a number of a variety of outstanding data centers, located across the world.You could have your OpenVZ VPS servers hosted within our US data center in Chicago, our UK data center around London or our AU data center in Sydney. All of our data center facilities provide 99.9% network uptime for your server in addition to outstanding connectivity to the world. Data Center Choices